Wednesday, July 10, 2019

One year anniversary.

The Friends of Wonder Valley celebrated their one-year anniversary on July 5, 2019. We celebrated by filling out our application for a RAFFLE license. We're not thinking of it as a fundraising tool, but as a way to get more people engaged in our meetings and events.

We're hoping to get donations of new, or nearly new, items and will raffle these off at community meetings and other events. We're told that it may take two months to get the license, just in time for our Fall Meeting Series.

There will be:
  • an ice cream social with our new MAC Delegate, Steve Reyes, on Saturday, August 10; 
  • a poetry event with Ruth Nolan on Saturday, August 31; 
  • a Community Meetings with the Sheriff's Department and Mark Lundquist from the Supervisor's office on Wednesday, September 4; 
  • a theater presentation with Miri Hunter on Saturday, September 28; 
  • a Community Meeting with our Third District Supervisor Dawn Rowe on Saturday, October 19; 
  • and a presentation with the Desert Oracle's Ken Layne, on Saturday, October 26.
For more information about the above events, please visit:

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