Wednesday, December 16, 2020

New Projects in the Works

SBC Special Districts are currently in the process in applying for special funding for a couple of projects to benefit the Morongo Basin. The first is an upgrade to the Wonder Valley Kitchen and Playground. The second is a Phase II project for the DVCA Recreational Trails. This Presentation briefly outlines the projects. 

Please go to these perspective surveys to provide input on these projects or to express interest in being more involved in the planning process: 

Click here for a .pdf file of photos of the DVCA Recreational Trails Phase I project completed 06/30/2020. 

Thank you for your support! 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Third Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

The Friends of Wonder Valley was thrilled to be able to provide Thanksgiving turkeys to the Wonder Valley community on Saturday, November 21st. 

This year we partnered with the 29 Palms Community Pantry & Outreach and Ministries Inc. Because of this partnership we were also able to deliver a bag of fixin's with each turkey. The FOWV contributed $500 to the effort and we were able to deliver the turkeys and groceries to 65 Wonder Valley residents in need. This far exceeded our previous two years wherein we served about 40 or 50 people.

This drive through event was in compliance with State and Local COVID 19 guidelines. Masks were required by all participants and social distancing was practiced.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Lucky Dog Event a GREAT Success!

FOWV Board Member Jill Reinig holds dog Andy.

FOWV Board Member Jill Reinig produced the Lucky Dog event on Saturday, October 3, 2020.

The event was a great success. Everyone remained masked and observed social distancing. The event provided needed shots administered by a licensed veterinarian.

A previous fundraising event raised $803. Friends of Wonder Valley matched $100 in donations, and later contributed another $200.

The event served 19 Wonder Valley residents and their 27 dogs and 2 cats.

Residents were also treated to donated gifts including pet food, cages, leashes, beds, and other things. 

Many thanks to Jill Reinig for putting together this amazing event.

Photo credit: Florrie Holloway

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Grocery Bag Distributions


The Friends of Wonder Valley has partnered with the 29 Palms Community Pantry & Outreach and Ministries Inc. to provide the community of Wonder Valley with bags of groceries in between USDA Food Distributions.

We were worried that people might be running out of food near the first of the month. We've had three drive through grocery distributions this fall, and plan to continue the program through the new year. 

This has been a drive-through event to protect the health of our residents and our volunteers.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Pandemic Certificate recognizes FOWV Board Members and Others

From our current MAC Rep, Steve Reyes:
"I want to recognize and thank certain individuals who have been instrumental in keeping Wonder Valley afloat during this trying times. I asked Mark Lundquist if there was a way San Bernardino County could accomplish this.  Without hesitation, Mark Lundquist recommended a Certificate of Recognition signed by Supervisor Rowe. 

"Teresa and Ken Sitz
Although the community center has been closed Ken and Teresa have worked tirelessly in organizing food distributions.  Feeding those less fortunate living in Wonder Valley. These food distributions are no small effort and would not take place if it were not for Ken and Teresa."

"Max and Olympia Rossi
Pastor Max and his wife Olympia have offered spiritual support to people living in Wonder Valley.  Living in a rural community offers its own challenges and the Rossi's continued their efforts regardless of the current environment.  Olympia learned of a fresh fruit and vegetable program and she quickly organized volunteers and distributed much need produce.

"John Bradford and Dylan Baudounie 
Special Districts and Road Maintenance - Our road grader has been doing an outstanding job in maintaining our roads and keeping traffic flowing. Traffic includes much needed services provided to the most fragile members the community. On many occasions, I have spoken to John Bradford and made special requests in regard to sign replacement and the grading of specific roads. On each and every occasion he has directly helped me and or directed me to the correct county entity.

"Randy Harrison (UPS)
Randy our beloved 'UPS Guy' never stopped his timely and much needed parcel deliveries.  His deliveries are a gamut of Amazon, medicine and food.  His service to Wonder Valley cannot be underestimated!  Randy knows all the roads in Wonder Valley and always delivers packages as close to peoples doors as possible.  Randy once told me 'I am just doing my job.' In these difficult times this cannot be further from the truth and his efforts are truly appreciated by all. "

Congratulations everyone!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"Lucky Dog" dog food drive.

Wonder Valley is a small unincorporated community of about 900 people. The city of Twentynine Palms is 15 miles west. Many of the residents of Wonder Valley are retirees, are disabled, or chose to live where their fixed income stretches further. 

Nearly everyone we know has at least one rescue dog. Most of these dogs were abandoned in the desert of Wonder Valley. These dogs mean a lot to the people who rescued them, who are often very isolated, living at least 15 miles from the nearest store or gas station. Most people live on 5 acres, at least a quarter mile from their nearest neighbor. Their dogs are their dearest friends.

With Covid increasing their isolation, and adding financial strain, many residents find themselves having to choose between feeding their pets or themselves. 

Contributions from other dog lovers would go a long way toward keeping pets and owners together, and both properly fed.

The Friends of Wonder Valley is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit in charge of the "Lucky Dog" dog food drive

There are three ways to give:

PayPal Giving Fund (no fees on either side):

Friends of Wonder Valley Website
Click on the PayPal donate link on the top right above.

Make check payable and send to:
Friends of Wonder Valley
PO Box 1704
Twentynine Palms CA 92277

Note that your donation is earmarked for the Lucky Dog Fund. If you provide a mailing or email address, a receipt will be sent to you.

We will match the first $100 in donations.

Friends of Wonder Valley is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit.
Our EIN is 83-1473136.
For more information please email

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

FOWV Board Secretary joins Arts Connection Board

FOWV Board Secretary Teresa (Sitz) Piccolotti joined the Board of Arts Connection. Friends of Wonder Valley made a $500 donation that had been contributed for that purpose by FOWV Board member Jill Reinig.

Arts Connection is the Arts Council of San Bernardino County, serving the entire county and surrounding areas. Arts Connection envisions a county that invests in each of our creative communities. A county that supports and integrates arts-based initiatives into every aspect of our daily lives.

Arts Connection was seeking board members from rural areas. Wonder Valley has many artists and the local representation could be adventageous.

Ms. Sitz is on the Advocacy Committee of Arts Connection, working on two initiatives:

  1. to formulate a public arts policy for the unincorporated areas so that art can be hung in public buildings, like the Wonder Valley Community Center.

  2. to have a portion of the Transient Occupany Taxes from vacation rentals returned to the unincorporated communities from which they came. Currently the funds are given to Chambers of Commerce. There is no Chamber of Commerce in any of the unincorporated communities of the Morongo Basin so the funds are not available to our commuities. We hope to have funds distributed to a local designated charity if there is no Chamber of Commerce.