Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mobile Medical Unit, and More.

This morning we received a recurring monthly donation from a supporter. Personally, I love the recurring monthly donations, as small as $5 a month, because when I see them come across in my mailbox, I know that -- in the midst of all the hard work -- we are not alone, that the work we do is supported by our community.

Today the WVCC is hosting the Salvation Army Food Distribution, which feeds about 50 families. In addition, for the FIRST time, the Morongo Basin Healthcare District is bringing out their Mobile Medical Unit to see patients on the ground AT the WVCC.

Morongo Basin Healthcare District Mobile Medical Unit
While these are WVCC events, they are supported by the FOWV. Last week we hosted a CPR/AED class and 9 WV residents were trained, 3 on scholarships from FOWV.

Morongo Basin Ambulance teaching a certification course
of CPR, AED, and First Aid.

 We're buying a second freezer to help with overflow food from the USDA Food Distribution, and just bought a 2-sided vinyl sign to advertise the upcoming Community Cleanup.

These may all seem like small things, but these are small things the community could not previously afford -- and now they can!

Sign up for a small (or large) monthly donation at the link to your right.

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